Our philosophy: Production

At the headquarters of CASTLE srl. Cavaso of Tomba (Treviso), are made all the prototypes of the models and run the most scrupulous quality controls on the materials chosen and the work entrusted to the most experienced craftsmen. In 2002, the production system has been fragmented to meet the increasingly diverse needs of customers. Was in fact abandoned the main production unit to create, through the subsidiary real estate Palladio Arts Inc., small independent production units in Italy and abroad, that under strict and direct control CASTELLO srl have helped to increase productivity and a significant reduction of fixed costs. In this way, even for products that provide significant amounts, the various external units, each specializing in a specific processing, ensuring at the same time, punctuality and respect of the required quality standards. In any event, prior to its final destination, each product goes through a thorough inspection at the headquarters. That arrangement also allowed a different approach to business, while fully respecting the fundamental vocation of high craft level, in terms of quality, both in terms of punctuality and service, leading to the realization of important volumes. The CASTLE Inc., by virtue of its history, produces all types of furniture, modern classics and also offers a sound advice to interior designers to develop new products.